New Team Vicar

The Rector writes - 

I am delighted to announce that the Revd Stroma McDermott - currently Assistant Curate in Wetherby - will be joining us in the autumn as our new Team Vicar.

Stroma will be licensed to her new post on Thursday 3rd October, 7pm, at the parish church of St John the Baptist, Knaresborough.

Although I am obviously thrilled that we have appointed a Team Vicar, it has led me to reflect on how titles are not always helpful… Stroma will ‘officially’ be our Team Vicar, but my vision is that she will be deployed across the whole team in a far more missional-pioneering role. The day to day running of the parish - the keeping the show-on-the-road - will fall to me as Team Rector, and to a much lesser extent Bill, who I am delighted to say has agreed to continue to play an active role amongst us.

That is not to say that Stroma and I, as stipendiary clergy in particular, will not be working extremely closely and collaboratively together over the whole life of the team, but perhaps says more about the working to our strengths and where God may use us best.