Our Zoom meetings are a way for members of our congregations to keep in touch with one another, to provide feedback on how the churches are responding to this new situation, and to update ourselves on what is happening in our town and villages.  

The meetings are not "exclusive" and anyone can come - but the way Zoom works is that the convenor of the group (ie, the Rector) needs to send out an invitation (ie, a link, on which you will cliick to join the meeting at the appropriate time). 

Click on the church below to read all about it.

St John the Baptist, Knaresborough   Sunday at 11am

St Mary the Virgin, Goldsborough   Monday at 9.30am

Holy Trinity, Knaresborough  Wednesdays at 3pm

If you have been part of one of these meetings before, you're automatically on the list for an invitation.

If you're new to this, email garry.hinchcliffe@btinternet.com the day before, to say you'd like to take part.