Auction at Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church, Knaresborough
Saturday April 29th at 7.00 pm
in Holy Trinity Church Hall

Auction of Talents

List of Items / talents being auctioned HERE

You can make a bid for an item by clicking HERE or emailing with your name, phone number, item bid for, and  amount of bid, until 6pm on 29th April.

Your bid will remain secret. 
Your bid will be considered to be the maximum you will pay.
Until your maximum is reached, you will be considered to have bid £1 more than the previous bidder in the room.

In the event of two or more equal bids being made by email, the email reaching us first will be regarded as the higher.

In the event of two or more email bids outbidding bidders in the room, the highest email bid will be considered to be £1 higher than the second-highest email bid.*


* e.g.  When the room bids are finished, two email bids remain, a bid from Joe at £20 and from Jack at £30. Jack's bid would be considered to have outbid Joe's bid by £1, so Jack is the successful bidder at £21.