Robert of Knaresborough

St Robert's Cave by the Nidd On Abbey Road St Robert's Well, Manse Lane


St Robert of Knaresborough was born Robert Flower in York in 1160. After a novitiate at Newminster Cistercian abbey in Northumbria he opted for life of solitude, ultimately in a cave by the Nidd at Knaresborough. With a reputation as a wise and holy man who cared for the poor, bailing men out of prison, he was someone who recognised Christ in the hungry and thirsty, naked and imprisoned. He was visited by King John in 1216.

He died in on September 24th 1218, and was buried in the crags by the river, It was said that a medicinal oil flowed from his tomb and pilgrims came from near and far to be healed by this.

The Priory house of Robert was established by an order of the Trinitarian Friars in 1257, in what is now Abbey Road .


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